Discover & connect with great places & faces of wonderful Budapest.

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About Us

Our staff, budaviation.com has been established in 2016 with the clear aim to fill the gap between airlines, hotels and traditional organisations offering tourist activities. More closely budaviation.com focuses on aviation related activities around Budapest. Our service offer ranges from aerial sightseeing to expert visits behind the scenes at various airports around Budapest.

Our philosophy revolves around value added, personalized service. Therefore we always consult with the inviter host of our guest. We always strive to offer en-to-end service packages including everything necessary for the guest's convenience. Our main aim is to deliver memorable moments to our distinguished guests hoping they bring home and cherish these moments for long time after leaving the city.

Let us show you the finest corners of Budapest

We organize special tours for visitors of this wonderful city to open their eyes to the most special secrets of Budapest. Join us and discover the nicest and kindest places and faces of this world famous Metropolis.

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Guests of our special tours receive their coupon entitling them to get 10% off from their next flight ticket to or from Budapest.

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